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You don’t have to take on the current business environment by yourself!!

Many business owners believe:

  • Hiring an outside advisor is only for big companiesit’s for well run and managed companies no matter what their size…that’s why some small businesses grow to be big. Remember, the failure rate for small businesses AND new churches is very high due to lack of knowledge & preparation
  • Consultants tell me what I already knowthey may tell you what you know, but they will help you streamline it, get efficient and question why you’re not doing it.
  • I’m too busy running my businessrunning a business is responding to the day to day challenges, you have to start managing the business to take control of where you want your business to go. If you don't you may end up in the same place you are now 20 years from now. 
  • I don’t have the money to spend on someone else’s adviceits about your priorities and having as outside perspective that turns things around for the business. If you can work smarter and not harder, WHY NOT? 
  • I’m the person who knows how to run my businessover 80% of business owners know how to deliver their product or service but don’t know how to manage the business that does this delivery.

I know its a humbling thing to ask for help.
Believe me I've been there.

The Bible says now is the day of salvation.  That's important in the spiritual sense but also in the business sense.  There was never a more important time to know what your good at and open yourself to find a specialist who can bring a new perspective to the challenges you face.  It could really change the way things are going. 

Are these some of the troublesome challenges you are facing?

  • Your sales are fluctuating and your profits are shrinking.
  • Your lack of capital is affecting your ability to expand!
  • You’re struggling with the fact that you may not have the right people in place to grow the business.
  • You’re frustrated by your inability to pay your suppliers on a timely basis!
  • You’re confused by the fact that your strategies are not producing your desired results!
  • Does your business have systems in place that create meaningful and timely reports?
  • Does your business have a plan to achieve controlled growth?
  • Does your business have a plan to increase profits?
  • Does your business have the resources to correct areas that require attention or change?

In consulting for Small Businesses & ministries alike, I come to the partnership as an expert, whether it be in logistics, web design, business strategy planning, or starting a business. I teach you skills, like better time management or better marketing techniques. After careful discussion and analysis of what results you're looking to achieve, we create a strong plan of action to move you swiftly towards your goals.

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