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Feasibility & Start-Up Package


  Before investing precious time, money and human resources into starting any ministry or business it's important to make certain you are on the right track. A feasibility analysis is not an exhaustive, inclusive study of the anticipated ministry or business – but a preview and preliminary assessment of the idea. It will assist you in gauging whether or not the dream is viable from a financial and organizational perspective and it will help you to decide whether or not to move forward.

  These services are critical for any new business, church or ministry. Someone may be a great plumber, a great preacher or pastor and not know the in's & out's of organizing an entity. In our approach to these coaching services, we help you establish and achieve short and long term goals and objectives. We act as your company’s “personal trainer” because we will assist you in working smarter not harder to achieve the results of a well toned business or ministry. We help you to transition from someone being led to someone who leads.

Package Benefits Include:

  • Analysis of dreams & goals
  • An action plan
  • Someone to talk to about your business and financial goals and objectives
  • Someone to review your written business plan
  • Someone who will provide expert advice and information on federal, state & local regulations & requirements
  • A virtual business partner
  • A mentor and positive influence on your life

 The initial cost of the Feasibility Start-Up package is $595.00 plus any travel expenses. This includes 7 initial meetings of 1-1/12 hours. Additional consultations are billed on either an hourly basis or package fee basis plus travel expenses.

A shortened Feasibility Consultation is available for a reduced fee of $195.00 plus any travel expenses. Please contact us with any questions you have.


 TOP TEN LIST: Things You Should Do When You Start a Business or Ministry
Do...(some of these apply to business, some to ministry, some to both)
  • Pray! Make sure the is what the Lord is calling you to do.
  • Utilize your talents. Do what you love to do; something that you would do for no pay.
  • Cut personal expenses and debt; save up money for starting your business.
  • Consider getting experience by volunteering, serving or working for someone else who is in the same business or ministry.
  • Consider the possibility of starting up part-time or home-based, family business.
  • Test market your product or service before starting or expanding.
  • Make a "pros" and "cons" list describing the specific business you are considering.
  • Talk with owners who are already in the business you are considering for advice and mentoring.
  • Make a comparative analysis of the various opportunities you are considering.
  • Understand any negative aspects of the business or ministry you want to start. ie: How would it effect your family?

TOP TEN LIST: Things You Should NOT Do When You Start a Business or Ministry 


  • Begin a business or ministry without wise counsel from experienced entrepreneurs.
  • Start unless you have a sound plan.
  • Quit your job until your business or ministry is funded and you have steady household income.
  • Risk all the family assets. Limit your liabilities to a predetermined amount.
  • Rush into something that you have not proven. Conduct plenty of research. 
  • Enter a business or ministry with too much debt, or too little cash flow.
  • Select a business in which you must have the lowest price to succeed.
  • Hesitate to find others, perhaps even a partner to do work that you don't like to do. 
  • Take a blind leap of faith, that should only apply to your Christian walk.
  • For an affordable Start Up package, take a look at our Feasibility & Start package.

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